An Italian brand with strong ties to the land, to historical values such as culture, art and the colours of the landscape and this strong sense of identity has made it the sole Italian fashion brand in the watchmaking and jewellery sector. Liu Jo Luxury is a structured group, with a shared image. All Liu Jo Luxury creations are designed by a group of designers who create true “must-haves” capturing carefully thought-out selected moods of the season. The answer to a need for refinement that won’t do without simplicity. Constant efforts devoted to research and development strengthen an identity growing more and more tangible and focused on the future and a global view - with clear objectives, significant targeted communication plans and successful expansion throughout Italy where Liu Jo Luxury is distributed in over 1500 points of sale and selected showrooms – this is what makes it desirable and a common wealth.

TRepresenting a precious, though attainable, lifestyle, standing as a guide for the Fashion watch and jewellery sector with its understanding of the desires of the consumer, Liu Jo Luxury translates these desires into works of love and distinction, products with a design and the essence of things Italian.


2006 was a special year, with Liu Jo discovering bright prospects ahead for its natural glamour brand. The partnership with Nardelli Luxury, a benchmark company in the jewellery industry for 40 years, was to mark the destiny of Liu Jo Luxury.

From the very start, the Jewels collections were created, spotlighting the trademark, and then in 2009, an insightful idea was to lead to the creation of the Time line. Jewellery and watches that bear a mark of distinction, to be attractive. These are objects that are part of a broader concept, a concept that embraces the entire Liu Jo Universe, a dimension that speaks of wide acclaim: with a presence in 45 countries and three different continents - Europe, Africa and Asia - a distribution network with 320 flagship stores and 5500 multi-brand points of sale worldwide, and figures that tell the story of an ever-expanding brand that meets the challenge.

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